Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I stay with my pet, or at least watch while my pet is being groomed?
We realize it is fun to see different breeds and watch pets being groomed. We welcome and encourage you to watch pets other than your own being groomed. Most pets are more stressed and wiggly when his/her owner is in sight but out of reach. So for the best possible haircut, and for the safety of your pet, it is best for you not to watch or stay while your pet is being groomed. Some pets may even try to jump off the table to reach his/her owner. Since pets don’t speak English, we can’t tell them to hold still while we trim his/her ears, or bangs or feet. So, for your pets’ safety, please come and watch someone else’s pet get groomed.  : 0)

Why does my dog have to be crated?
We are not a daycare facility and don’t have the staff to monitor the dogs while playing. Our mix of pets changes daily, so temperament testing to ensure your pet's safety isn't possible. Resting in a crate in between the phases of grooming is the safest place for your pet. We also would not want your pet to slip out our door when taking in or releasing someone else’s pet.

Why does it take so long?
Most of our customers are groomed in 4 to 5 hours.  Pets are like toddlers, they have short attention spans.  Unlike humans, dogs have to stand still while we groom them.  Asking them to stand for the 1-2 hours while we groom them is unreasonable. We groom pets in three phases.  First, we trim the hair in between the pads of the feet, clip or grind the nails, pluck and wipe out the ears, and brush out and do a rough haircut.  Then the pet gets a 15-30 minute break.  Next the pet gets a soothing bath, then they are blown dry by hand, and then another 15-30 break.  Then they get the finishing haircut.  Also, remember, we groom your whole pet, not just the head!  Some of them need coxing and some cookies along the way.  We feel this is the kindest way to groom your pets.

What is a mat? And why is it important to prevent them?
Mats form on a pet for several reasons.  Hair mats when dead hair is falling out and gets tangled with new hair that is growing in.  Longer coats tend to mat faster, and dirty coats also mat faster than clean ones.  Any rubbing can cause matting, whether it is done with a towel to dry feet when wet outside, or when the dog rubs on the carpet.  If a pet is washed with mats, the mats actually tighten while they dry.  Additionally, bathing a pet with mats can cause a skin infection.  The top coat dries, but moisture is trapped between the skin and the mat.  The pet's body heat with the moisture is perfect for breeding bacteria.

Regular brushing at home, along with professional grooming every 4-8 weeks should keep your pet mat free and smelling good!
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