We strive to consistently produce a clean, fresh smelling pet with a haircut that is adorable, manageable, and proportional in a safe environment – all for a reasonable price.

We realize many pets do not appreciate their day at the spa so we try to make their visit as stress free as possible. First, we suggest regular grooming, that is every 4-8 weeks, starting as young as possible but certainly by at least 4 months of age.
We try to do 4 week appointments when we start grooming a puppy, and then we can spread the appointments out as they get to know us and gain confidence in the process. A few treats along the way usually help to foster a good relationship. Since pets have the attention span of a young toddler, we give them breaks in between the different phases of the grooming.

First we set the dog up by giving them a rough hair cut, trim the nails, clean the ears and a break of 15-30 minutes. Then the warm massaging bath and hand blowing dry and another break, and then the final haircut. This is why we need to have your pet for 4-5 hours. Remember, unlike people, we trim the whole dog. Asking a pet to stand still for all of this at one time is a lot to ask, especially for a young or aging pet. We can do an express cut if needed on a limited number of pets per day for an extra $10 for smaller dogs, $15 for medium and $20 for larger dogs. See our Services page for more information.
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